About BHC

Baert Haus Creative

is the professional creative outlet of Tyler Baert. From shooting weddings and engagements, to capturing unique textures or colors in the world at large, BHC is the lens in which Tyler wants to show his take on photography through.

A Background

Hi, I'm Tyler. I grew up on Oahu, and have always had a profound interest in the arts. I've been into photography casually since I was a kid, but decided to pursue it more passionately in mid-2017. Growing up I was a bit of a cinephile, so it only made since to move into some kind of visual work in order to recreate the styles of my favorite directors, cinematographers, and photographers (and find my own somewhere along the way). 

Other than the visual arts, I also play music with a few local bands and have been doing so for about ten years now! See you at the next show!

A Little More

I have been shooting weddings, engagements, and proposals in both photo and video since the beginning of 2018. Mostly, my work has been as a freelancer for another local wedding vendor, but I decided to branch off on my own in order to create the type of aesthetic I find most visually pleasing. To me, creating a unique look to match each couple's personality is paramount to a successful edit.

Let's work together to create something just for you!

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